E-Line Camper 11

Two Levels / Three Pools / Two Sunset Balconies
  • 2 Guests
  • 1 King Beds
  • 1 Bathrooms

We call them Betty, and they’re originally a 1956 Airstream Land Yacht. We purchased them in River Valley, OR on a rainy day in October 2020 after getting lost for two hours because we had “no service” — as often happens when you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. Of course, we survived and so did this brawny beauty!

We got them here and with much love and attention they’ve been transformed into the blazing beauty before you. We think they’re personality is evident; a red-head with a mind of their own and a plan to hit the roller derby running, but not before they take some time out in the sun to contemplate what she’s goin to do when she wins the championship.

Family-friendly Amenities

Kids Swimming Pool
Extra Beds/Baby Crib
Washing Machine

Camper Amenities

U-Control AC & Heating
HD Smart TV
Hi-Speed Wi-Fi
Bath & Body by Public Goods
Unique Full Bath & Nebia Corre Shower
Robe & Relax Kit
Kitchenette & Essentials
Sachet Coffee & Tea by Steeped
Sumptuous Sleeping Experience
Private Deck & Lounge Area
Mini-Fridge, Microwave, Electric Kettle
Private Cabana & Soaking Tub

Details Unique To This Camper

  • 1955 Airstream Land Yacht
  • Banquette Seating for 4-6
  • Curved Bespoke Bed - Custom Made

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