to getaway & gather
for sanctuary & celebrations

Welcome to acres landing

Acres Landing is proudly located
in Desert Hot Springs, California

Where ancient mineral hot springs & cold water aquifers converged to create a landscape unexpectedly ripe for respite & revival. On a few acres, above these sacred waters, we’ve created a laid-back luxe mineral hot springs oasis & a versatile venue—featuring reimagined vintage ‘travel trailers’ designed by the most esteemed makers of the auto camper eras: Airstream, Streamline, Boles, Spartan, and Avion.

Welcome to our Mesic Modern Homage to Vintage Camper Heritage


Capsules of Calm

We call our campers, capsules of calm—and that’s exactly what you’ll feel once nestled inside. Inside, each camper has been curated for comfort, style & vibe—with a full bath, kitchenette, bespoke bedding, high-end amenities and unique touches all set to delight.

Take one step outside your shiny abode and you’ll discover a private cabaña and robust soaking tub, ready to fill with the hot healing waters—or refreshingly cold healing waters, for those who
brave a plunge.

A capsule of calm & curative cabaña await your arrival…

Camper One_ 18 (1)
from $260
A-Line Campers

Like little ateliers of relaxation, these are the coziest of our campers designed to surprise with their various vibes.

from $290
C-Line Campers

Our cabin-like campers are charismatic cocoons with extra room to stretch out and breathe deeper.

Camper Eight_5
from $320
R-Line Campers

Retreat from the hustle & grind in our roomier set of campers — each with its own spirited style.

from $350
E-Line Campers

Experience an elevated view of the San Jacinto Mountains from this thoughtfully restored camper, featuring ADA comforts and room to roam, both inside and out.

E-Line Campers

from $380
S-Line Campers

For a spacious sanctuary, our suite-sized campers are made for marking milestones, celebrating the significant, or indulging in the sheer joy of living well.

S-Line Campers

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We have all the essentials you need for your stay.

Our campers boast full-size baths, kitchenettes, bespoke beds, deluxe amenities, as well as private cabanas with soaking tubs for unmatched comfort & relaxation.

Property-Wide Wi-Fi

Complimentary Parking

Business Center

Mineral Spring Pool & Spa

Poolside Loungers & Pool Kit

Spa Services

ClubHouse & Pavilion

Fire Pit & Outdoor Spaces

Housekeeping Services


From Here, You Can Choose Your Own Adventures

Acres is a gravitational getaway, ideally located at a gateway destination here in Desert Hot Springs—where relaxation & entertainment converge.

We’re perfectly situated for easy travel to and from any excursion, then landing back with us for full-tilt chill and acres of moments to soak in.


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